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This happens with most species that lay eggs, and some snakes never actually get the pleasure of meeting their offspring. But an intense battle begins. A female will have up to 12 snakes wrap in a ball around her to try and mate. Females have cloacas, and some have a special storage department for sperm. The young rat snake will need to learn the daily routine on its own.

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Birth is given to live young, and 3 — 80 snakes are born in one litter.

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How Snakes Work

How do snakes mate? Female Reproductive Anatomy 7. Now you never have to ask how do snakes mate? These penises are divided into two sides: How do snakes mate on the physical level? And they act as separate organs, meaning the left produces sperm and the right produces sperm. When a female snake is ready to mate she releases a special scent or pheromone from skin glands on her back.

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