Hot sisters of battle

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There are scores, perhaps even hundreds more non-militant orders within the Adepta Sororitas, the vast majority of which are unknown to the bulk of Mankind. A number of Orders exist which officially serve non-combat-related roles in Imperial Society, although they tend to receive even less attention than their combat-fighting sisters. Those Sisters, however, were suffering from mind control and when these two were freed, they immediately killed themselves. Order of Our Martyred Lady. When they emerged from the bowels of the Imperial Palace they marched with barely-controlled fury to Vandire's audience chamber. As Thor's crusade smashed aside those who remained loyal to the Ecclesiarch, the Space Marines and the Adeptus Mechanicus, both of whom had remained largely on the defensive during the Age of Apostasy, were finally able to join forces with Thor and close on Terra.

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The first, Faith and Firehas the Sisters battling with what are basically terrorist psykers on a shrine world while trying to uncover the reasons behind the attacks.

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Adepta Sororitas

So now instead of paying ridiculous prices for a sick joke, you're just paying ridiculous prices for a suicide squad. These are highly experienced and capable officers, from whose ranks the next Canoness will be drawn. It is the Palatines that often lead missions in the field, whether the Order is an Order Militant fighting the enemies of Mankind, or an Order Hospitaller establishing a hospital at the front lines. It seems like the Sisters will not be going the way of Bretonnia, the space Dwarves, Kislev and Nehekhara after all. Look to Anvil Industrybecause the Sisters of the Burning Rose are on the way, and are awesome enough as is to kick the shit out of the current official Sisters models.

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hot sisters of battle
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hot sisters of battle
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