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Archived from the original on 27 January The crew of Moya are now on the run from Scorpius, who wants the wormhole knowledge locked in Crichton's brain for his own purposes. Crichton disguises himself as a Peacekeeper to gain access, but the base's commander, Scorpiusinstantly sees through the ruse and imprisons Crichton, calling Crais to come and get him. They find artifacts that suggest a connection between humans, Sebaceans and Interons. With the help of the Ancients, Crichton unlocks the wormhole knowledge just enough to destroy the Scarran ship, but suffers radiation exposure and dies in Aeryn's arms. That done, Scorpius returns to the Peacekeepers and the Moya crew go to the ocean planet Qujaga to recover. She is one of the hottest women in the history of TV.

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Init was announced that the creator was returning for a web-series [ citation needed ] but production has been repeatedly delayed.

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Inside Jim Henson's Creature Shopreleased inoffered a colorful look inside the famous creature shop that created the stunning array of creatures and make up effects. They find artifacts that suggest a connection between humans, Sebaceans and Interons. The Jim Henson Company. Crichton and the others must get through the battle to reach the remaining Eidolons on the planet and pass the techniques of peace to them, all while both sides are still after him for wormhole technology. InEntertainment Weekly listed the show at 22 in the "25 Best Cult TV Shows from the Past 25 Years," calling it "one of the trippiest space sagas ever, with portions of some episodes taking place in Crichton's subconscious" and remarking, "Before Battlestar Galactica popularized frak as geek slang, there was Farscape' s very liberal use of frell.

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