Do female mammals have a clitoris

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According to Alfonso Troisi, a clinical psychiatrist in Rome who has studied female orgasm in Japanese macaques, they're easier to study in the lab than gorillas or chimps. In common chimps and bonobos the clitoris is also a cylinder, and hidden beneath a hood, just like ours. How Do Elephants Give Birth? At first glance, it reminded me of a My Little Pony toy my daughter once owned. If an animal must mate to reproduce, the entire future of its species depends on having sex. Studying animal sex is hard--as evidenced by Birkhead's account to Nature of what it was like to chase around mating birds: Today, when orgasm has been divorced almost entirely from reproduction, the "how" of sexual climax has been largely demystified.

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The tenuous link between orgasm and intercourse in women has led other theorists, including Donald Symons, to conclude that the female climax is more accident than adaptation.

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Why Female Orgasm Evolved

Expert Database Find experts with knowledge in: Female reproductive success, in contrast, is usually limited by the availability of resources to sustain mother and child through pregnancy, labor, and nursing, rather than an availability of mating partners. Is it an organ of pleasure for other animals as well? The principle is a familiar one: In either case, a series of changes involving the hormones oxytocin and prolactin are triggered that cause the egg to mature and migrate.

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do female mammals have a clitoris
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do female mammals have a clitoris
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