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As he continued talking to me and petting my dogs, I just blurted out, "would you like to come to my house? Grabbing the opener off the fridge I popped the cap off and turned looking at my mother. A lot of the people I work for aren't around much, and my boss says it's OK to go for a swim when I get hot. The thing is she used to leave the bathroom door open and usually smoked while doing her business, both kinds of business. She mentioned that the way she'd want a young man like me to thank her, was something I'd not be interested in.

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I came right away.

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I really needed a night out and I was excited for the upcoming weekend with my old girlfriend Laura. I wish that was my only confession. Action at Barb's wedding, then a Caribbean cruise. I turned around kissed her and started the whole thing! I called my wife to say I was out early, and headed to the lake house.

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stories of sex with older women
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