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He was busy staring at the smug smile on Samus' face. She struggled to figure out what, exactly, Pit was thinking as his face started to turn the color of Kirby. Story Story Writer Forum Community. Two wondering eyes popped up from the couch. This made her upset.

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The lights flicker on to reveal a startled Falco and Fox.

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Pit And Samus Naked

Story Story Writer Forum Community. She was still herself, which was more than she could say for all of those who tried to pretend like they were better than they actually were. She had rope at the ready so she could tie him up and force him to stay on the couch. Meanwhile, Samus was waiting right beyond the couch, lying on the ground, out of her friend's line of vision. I really think it looks pretty on you. She wanted to take care of the young innocent being, to protect him and keep him close, not unlike a mother.

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samus naked and pit
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