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Both sexes of New Hampshire and Buff Orpington chicks generally hatch totally buff. Photo of a Barred Plymouth Rock chick with white spot on top of the head. The cockerel's organ whether regular, small, flat or divided consists of compact, lustrous tissue that continues to hold its shape when exposed. The females resulting from the cross are black and red and non-barred, while the males are black and white barred see Figure 5. Barred Rock hens crossed with any brown-head rooster, or with any black or buff variety, produce black males with white head spots and yellow beaks, shanks and toes.

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Each method has difficulties that make it unsuitable for use by the small flock owner.

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Feather sexing day old chicks.

So there you have it: Welcome This is where you can find research-based information from America's land-grant universities enabled by eXtension. As a novice chicken sexer myself, I find that the most difficult manipulation of the technique is evacuation of the chick with the left thumb. Feather sexing is based on feather characteristics that differ between male and female chicks. Buy one, magic-marker a small circle at the appropriate place and practice.

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feather sexing day old chicks
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feather sexing day old chicks
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