I dreamed i was transsexual

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Is this trans-related at all? This will be good information for you to bring the therapist. Featured November 17th, 1. Like I'm in the opposite boat MtF and to me, developing breasts and a feminine face is what appeals to me. The answer depends entirely on the dream, and the dreamer.

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No homophobia, transphobia, racism or any other form of discrimination.

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Not just sexually but mentally. Dreaming with lgbt is also related to In my dream my lover — a man — had just gotten breast implants. Dreaming of a transsexual means you are experiencing sexual gender issues that borderlines as a female mind trapped in a male body or a male mind trapped in a female body. A committee or group of people represent the various sides of you that become, in a sense, the board members of your psyche. Featured August 24th, 3. You have the desire to be more sexually fulfilled but do not know how to reach that level and would like for someone who you feel comfortable with to help you figure out what to do about it.

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i dreamed i was transsexual
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i dreamed i was transsexual
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