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September 29, at Hi Gough, Firstly great site and the article on the Fun Way series is an awesome read. I have funway1 and want to start building kits with my 7 year old son. That probably had something to do with the fact they had very fat profit margins to begin with, and component cost reductions over time due to manufacturing volume and automation. It was really sad to see Big W part of Woolworths chain stuff it all up and go out of components, tools and kits. It was a very nostalgic moment, and I felt it was important to share this with you all as best as possible.

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Part of making it appealing was limiting the cost of these items, which remained at a very similar price right up to when Dick Smith stopped selling electronics components altogether.

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March 10, at It was initially published inwith ISBN 0 0 7. By the time I really got into DSE, their product line-up had changed, and those speakers were long gone. The simplest transmitter, for example, took the input from the morse code communicator and uses a ferrite rod as an antenna with some impedance matching with a transformer. I bought the 3 volumes second hand off ebay but they are of course missing the project overlay sheets from the back AND the parts. Illustrations were by Mike Middleton. Another way they ensured their success was to offer bulk discounts for educational institutions which led to some of these kits finding their way into schools and their curricula.

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