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Dude of the Living Dead". Caitlin falls in love with two different guys named Vince and Blake at the same time while in the change room wearing a dress. Jonesy, angry at having been "stabbed in the back", enlists the help of Jude who is getting in touch with his feminine side and the girls to help him fake being a nice guy. Meanwhile, Nikki is teased by The Clones after becoming a temporary assistant manager because her tag says "Ass. Lists of Canadian animated television series episodes. But she soon finds out that cooking isn't in her blood, due to the fact that she made pumpkin muffins and accidentally put laxatives in them causing her to get fired and get her old job back.

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While the guys and Jen wrestle with this dilemma, Caitlin tries to help Nikki prove to Stone that she's doing better than ever without him.

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Meanwhile, Jude starts dating a much more popular senior named Melinda Wilson. It becomes more popular than Caitlin's Lemon and her boss tells her that, unless Jonesy is run out of business, Caitlin will have to move to a new mall to sell drinks. It worth noting how impressive 6teen was right from the get-go to have their second and third episodes be their second and third best episodes in the entire series. However, nothing goes as planned as tensions threaten to split up the group on the big day. Caitlin's 16th birthday is coming up and she wants to have the most "awesome expensive party ever. For once, Caitlin is on her side, as she's decided to give up boys for a bit. Little does he know that the only reason he's getting slower is because Caitlin is gaining weight at her part-time job, where she eats nothing but free chocolate 6 pounds of it a day.

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6 teen episodes
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6 teen episodes
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