Puppy peeing accident in sleep

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Once the tests come in, discussion of treatment will then take place. We have had Halli for a little over two weeks now. She is on day 3 of antibiotics and just had an accident in her sleep again. If, for example, the amount of water drunk within a day increases or there are signs of leakage, there may be a more serious underlying issue. But still ends up peeing while he's asleep he's been on antibiotics for almost ten days and the problem still exists. I have a five year old Lab who is properly house trained. I took him for a UA and it came up none definitive while offered seems like an excessive option.

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This is the first time she's ever done this.

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Dog Peeing Inside When Lying Down

Is this normal for a puppy? I understand money can be tight but you should think about visiting a Veterinarian even at a charity clinic since without examining her I cannot say for certain what the underlying cause of the urination is or recommend a suitable treatment. Since day 1 she was jumping out of bed in the night and peed on the carpet, but never in bed until recently. Her gums look fine, her abdomen feels hydrated, cant feel any abnormalities, eating and drinking is normal, she is pretty normal. No matter the cause, you should discuss with your Veterinarian as any treatment would need to be on prescription from a local Veterinarian.

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puppy peeing accident in sleep
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puppy peeing accident in sleep
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