Computer strip chart recorder bord

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Many mechanisms have been adopted for marking paper. I would firstly like to say thank you for sticking with me on this project. This is not normally expensive, unless you want specific software. Each recorder can print out—at programmed intervals or on demand—the date and time, channel number, scale marking, tag number, proper engineering units, chart speed, alarm value, and complete program list. I really appreciate it. Directly-driven pens often moved in the arc of a circle, making the scale difficult to read; pre-printed charts have curvilinear scales printed on them that compensated for the path of the marking pen. Now that I have looked into this a little more I realize I do not simply want chart recording capabilities I would like all the analytic bells and whistles that can be had for GC chart recording as well as analysis.

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User configurable math functions include:

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Chart recorder

Meaning it will take me a bit to order the proper transfer valves. Thank you all very much for your inputs; I really appreciate it. The major problem with it is its very limited common mode rejection. That would tell you everything you need to know. Wg48 thank you for your suggestion however I am extremely unsure of my ability to find the proper ADC PC card install and format for whichever GC charting software I settle on.

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computer strip chart recorder bord
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computer strip chart recorder bord
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